Evonne Vaplon of Goldstar Services cleans my home.  Evonne is thorough, dependable, and efficient.  When I walk into my home after Evonne has been cleaning, the house looks and smells wonderful.  Knowing that Evonne is coming to clean is such a relief and her service allows me more quality time with my family.  I highly recommend Goldstar Services to anyone who values a clean, well-cared for home.
                                 Salome, Moorhead

I recently moved into a new home and had Goldstar Services clean the carpets before I moved in. I was concerned about allergies from the previous owners' pet but Goldstar did such a thorough, professional job that is was like no pets were ever there.  Goldstar clearly sets a high standard in the industry and I would recommend the company without hesitation.
                                   Erica, West Fargo
First an admission; I hate to deep clean.  It takes moving large objects and reaching high places.  It takes considering the materials which make up the carpets before using potentially damaging products on them.  It is because of this hatred that I adore Goldstar Services.  Thorough, professional, and so detailed that I'm always a little amazed by just how much more clean everything is when I leave it to them.  I would and do recommend Goldstar to my friends and family.
                                    Mara Morken Fogarty